Who We Are.   

About Snag.

Snag is a small but mighty team of highly experienced marketing, creative, and hospo pros. From scrupulous data analysts to starry-eyed innovators, we've got the lot.


As for our why? Well, it can be summed up by the belief that fundamentally, food and drink should be fun - whether you're pouring a martini, or sipping on one. 

Where we come in is distilling your version of 'fun' - your intuition and gut instinct - into a powerful brand, and then infusing it in everything that you do. 

About Us.

Sala Rankine — Founder 

A creative at heart, Sala gets jazzed by seeing ideas come to life and potential being realised. Originally charging down a path of traditional marketing, she found herself (somewhat accidentally) in restaurants and almost immediately developed a deeply-seated affinity for the romance and exhilaration of hospitality.


Piccolo — Chief Treat Officer

While our CTO is new to the game, she is a master of her craft. Piccolo is what some may call a taskmaster, but she is driven by achieving astounding KPI's in the areas of beef, chicken, and salmon. When she is not in the office, she enjoys her downtime by chewing sticks, barking at the wind, and running laps of her apartment.