Be like coriander.

Yep. Be like coriander. And I don't mean paint yourself green and pop yourself into a rice paper roll (pork and prawn, anyone?).

What I mean is that coriander doesn't try to be everyone's favourite.

Coriander has a very specific group of fans (myself included). Coriander does not give a damn about its millions of haters across the planet. It shows up as itself on shelves every dang day, knows its demographic, and plays right into their plates.

You (and coriander) know that will never please everyone. So why try?

Some of the greatest restaurants of our time are more than happy to not have everyone in their fans.

Take Grill'd for example. Grill'd are not ashamed to say, loud and proud, that they are for:

  • Primarily 15 to 35-year-olds

  • Customers who want a healthy, ethical alternative to fast food

  • Customers who care about social justice

  • Customers who wish to purchase Australian/local products

Know who they aren't for?

  • Customers who do not want to pay upwards of $15 for a burger

  • Customers who prefer simple, 'traditional' fast food

  • Customers who don't prioritise ethics & Aussie-made in their purchases

  • People who don't like burgers!!

Another example could be Africola in Adelaide. Their messaging speaks to:

  • Customers who don't take life or themselves too seriously, and like a party

  • Customers with an off-beat sense of humor

  • Customers who are open to experimenting with their palate

  • Those who are fans of South-African cuisine

They are not for:

  • Customers who prefer Western & European cuisines

  • Customers who aren't a fan of loud music while dining

  • Customers who don't enjoy vegetable-based/vegetarian dishes

This is the kind of energy you need to emulate.

If you're trying to speak to everyone in your messaging and marketing, you will end up watering down the wonderful things that make you, YOU. You don't want to be beige, do you? Unless you are porridge or congee, I think the answer is no.

At the end of the day, if someone is turned off by your authentically YOU messaging? There's a high chance they won't be thrilled by your product, either.

And if they choose to purchase from you based on some watery 'trying to please everyone' messaging? They'll be disappointed when they receive your product, because they aren't the right market.

We want to embody our finest "what you see is what you get" energy. Like coriander. Delicious, citrusy, refreshing treat to some, soapy and foul to others.

Happy herbing. Sala x

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